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Ferra and Light Green Brushes Classroom
Ferra and Light Green Brushes Classroom

And the feminine said:



'You can rest now, you can be yourself.

Free, loved and seen,

just be, just be...

There is a huge power hidden in the feminine energy. A hidden treasure, waiting to be seen. Our relationships and our communities' dysfunction of the physical body is a bad spell of patriarchy, the wounded masculine and feminine energy combined. Only by bringing back the qualities of the feminine, the connection to the self, others, and nature, we can create a new version of the world.


Feminine energy is not pink, she doesn't close her eyes. She speaks up, she is committed to her healing and growth, she is wild, free, full of compassion. 


She is the creator, the manifestor, the witch, the wise, the healer.


What does she need to do?

Just to Remember her true essence.

Her circular nature, her connection with the moon, with womanhood, with herself.

Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women that came before her

And all those after her

SELENE [suh·leen] -Greek- Is the Goddess of the moon worshipped at the new and full moons. It's the root of the name 'Eleni'. It means the spiritual light that comes from our higher self to earthly experience.

SHAKTI [shak·tee] -Sanskrit- is the feminine power that we all hold in our energetic centre of our womb. It represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.

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About Selene

Elena is a yogini, witch and doula.

She is approaching practices and therapies as a sacred ritual.

Her treatments and therapies are all coming from the heart and a place of intuitive and personal experience.

She is an experienced yoga teacher & Doula, a Ritualist, a Buddhism meditation facilitator and a holistic therapist.


Her intention is to help individuals to remember their true nature.

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We heal by the moon

Feminine is the Rememberance of the simple things that brings us closer to our true self. The moon is always there to remind us that we are circular beings.

This simple truth uncover our power. When do we need to retreat?

When are we most powerful and strong?

When are we ready to move on?

Our menstrual circle [men comes from mene [μηνη, Selene], means the circular period.

How can we heal any gynaecological problem if we don't return to these basics, our connection with the moon? The moon inside the womb? How can we heal anything if we don't remember who we truly are?

We create with the moon

Witches are connected with the moon, because there, at night, they are more powerful. Their grandmother Selene is helping them to practice their magic, she is charging their witchcrafts, she is the major aspect of the magic world.

Yes there is black magic, and red, and white. They are all aspects of the moon, the dark side and the bright one, we accept them all, we connect with the ones who resonates best with us.

The darkness is the yin energy, we don't afraid of it, we are the dark feminine.

The wild woman. 

In the dark side of the moon, the Gods of Olympus where living.

There is all the magic happening.

 Witches are healers, they have healed their own womb, their own moon, in order to practice magic without ego, shame or guilt, all the  dark feelings that are stored in the womb, thousand of years, because of the patriarchy.

We remember

Our true nature, our power.

We are Witches.

We heal our selfs, in order to create a better world.

We practice witchcraft, we do rituals, we gather in ceremonies because this is the way to connect with our true essence. The Oracle woman, the wild woman, our truth.


An initiation to the magic.

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the word 'Witch'? 

Yeah, I know, this ugly and mean old hug who is full of envy. Those bad witches were burned for a reason. This is what patriarchy wanted us to believe, in order to feel shamed for our power, for our intuition, our magic potions. They wanted us to forget...

Witches are far away from this scary archetype that they want us to believe. Witches are healers, doulas, wise and full of love women.

Pythia, was a witch. She was the high priestess of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi who also served as its oracle, also known as the Oracle of Delphi. She was giving her oracles when she was on her period. 


Embody the archetypes
Claim your power


Womb Healing Rituals

Artemis, the Apollon's (God of Sun and light) sister. She is the light in the dark, associated with Hecate and Selene.

Artemis is the protector of the wild nature, she is a doula, a Virgin and the protector of Women.

We are healing our womb, the beginning, the young girl, we Remember our nature, with the help of Artemis, with her protection.

We are coming into Womanhood with her guidance

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Lunar Ceremonies

Goddess Selene, also Apollo's sister, the one who brings the light to the earth, the mother of our circular nature, the blood inside our womb.

She is so bright and so dark at the same time. Selene is THE feminine energy. She is inside our womb, she is creating waves to the oceans and to our emotions. She is inviting us in the circle, in the ceremonies and magic.

To Remember...

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Holistic Therapies

Hecate, the mysterious Goddess. The triple Goddess, is representing the 3 main phases of a woman (Maiden-Mother-Crone).

She is pure magic. She governs the sea the sky and the lands.

She is the protector of witchcraft. She holds the keys of the unconscious and magic world.

If only, we honour her, for the great Witch she is...

She is the healer, the medicine woman.

Need more Inspiration?

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Συμμετείχα στο Σεμινάριο της Πανσελήνου & της Νέας Σελήνης της Έλενας. Έχω ξανακάνει αντίστοιχα σεμινάρια, αλλά ποτέ δεν έλαβα τόση γνώση & τόση συμπαράσταση ταυτόχρονα! Η Έλενα προσφέρει αυτό που έχει να μοιραστεί με απόλυτο σεβασμό, εμπειρία, ευθύνη & ιερότητα. Ένιωσα αμέσως πιο δυνατή και πιο κοντά στη θηλυκή μου ενέργεια! Ανυπομονώ για τα επόμενα! Κάθε Κύκλος είναι και μια εμπειρία Αγάπης, αποδοχής & ενδυνάμωσης! Συγχαρητήρια για το Έργο σου Έλενα.

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