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About Selene

My name is Elena,

But years now I call all my work Selene, because of my love for the moon Goddess. It was after that I found out that my name 'Elena' is comes from 'Selene'.

Artemis Selene and Hecate, came to my path, in a way that I could not ignore them. I follow them, I embody them, I honour them. All my therapies are in a way, a calling from them.

I was studying Interior Architecture  & dance, and while i was in my  Msc in Product design Engineering,


Depression hit me hard.

In a way that I couldn't ignore my inner world anymore.

Artemis and Selene had already prepared me, for what will follow.

My only salvation was to move more, to discover meditation, yoga, embodiment, rituals and to dive deeper and deeper into my dark side of the moon.

I studied all kind of therapy yoga and meditation, but my shift happened when Yoni Shakti - womb yoga came to my way, 8 years ago.

After that, I studied female & trauma informed yoga, tantra & neo tantra.

When Hecate came in my path I discovered woman's circles and realised I was not the only witch.

My inner witch awaked again.

I remembered my power. 

I became a doula, to support women in all the phases of their lifes.

Now days, after 10 years or learning new healing modalities, and unlearning old patterns,

I use embodiment rituals to help women to connect with their feminine energy & their inner moon, to heal their sexuality, their menstrual circle and their deep stored traumas, that affect their circular nature.

In my circles and session, I use traditional tantra,chi nei tsang, yoni steam,

de armouring, EFT, bach remedies, plants, homeopathy, womb rituals, embodied meditation, Ritual dance, witchcraft, womb yoga, shamanism and trauma informed modalities.

If you feel the call, come!

May the Goddess be with you

Jai Ma!

White and golden messy wall stucco textu
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