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Ferra and Light Green Brushes Classroom
Ferra and Light Green Brushes Classroom

Rest in the Feminine

The universe is female. Women have total access, they're already there.
Women are portentous fliers; they have a second brain, an organ they can use for unimaginable flight. They use their wombs for dreaming.
-Carlos Castaneda 

You hold all the answers inside your womb space

According to the Philosophy of Tao and Tantra, the Yoni of the woman is the seat of life, a sacred temple of love, pleasure and divine ecstasy.

In order to have access to this wisdom and pleasure you need to re connect with her, to heal the relationship with the your feminine energy, your womb and your maternal lineage

Every woman who heals herself  heals all the women that came before her

And all those who came after her.

SELENE [suh·leen] -Greek- Is the Goddess of the moon worshipped at the new and full moons. It's the root of the name 'Eleni'. It means the spiritual light that comes from our higher self to earthly experience.

SHAKTI [shak·tee] -Sanskrit- is the feminine power that we all hold in our energetic centre of our womb. It represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.

The womb is the space of infinite wisdom, power and magic. 

It is said, that there is a sacred connection between our womb heart and throat.

When we are connected with the power of our womb, the kindness of our heart and the free expression of our voice, we are aligned with our true wisdom  and our feminine power.

A witch, is a woman who knows that she is the magic. Her creative and wild sexual energy that lives in her womb, her love and softness but also her authentic voice and expression, are her magic tools to thrive in this live, to help others, and to manifest her dreams.

She is a womb witch.


The Womb Witch

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Holistic Womb Healing Rituals


For a woman, her womb space is the gate to connect with her infinite wisdom, intuition and power. Our feminine nature is governed by the moon and the seasons of the earth. We are circular beings, while men are more linear.

The moon and the earth are always there to remind us our true nature, and what we truly need as women.

 When do we need to retreat?

When are we most powerful and strong?

When are we ready to move on?

Our menstrual circle [men comes from mene [μηνη, Selene- The greek goddess of the moon], means the circular period.

When we connect with the energy of our inner moon- our wombs, we connect with our true magical nature.

2. Emotional 

When we talk about our emotions we think of our heart, but our heart is connected to our womb with a special medirian, (energy channel) called hridaya -yoni. When we are disconnected from our emotions, we are disconnected from our wombs. If we learned to numb our feelings, to not express our anger, our grief, our sorrow, our joy! 

The womb space is holding all these emotions that we haven't processed. The vagus nerve goes from the cervix all the way into the brain, it moves upwards. The vagus nerve (the part of our nervous system that is linked with stored trauma) 

Many physical problems in our uterus and female parts are directly linked with emotional 'stuff' that are stuck there. Not to mention past lovers, sexual and generational trauma.

3. Somatic


In a physical level, spiritual disconnection and emotional imbalance can manifest into our bodies as pain or illness. Then, we need to direct the healing there and work on a somatic level.

Somatic healing helps the body to release stuck energy, process old emotions, stimulate our nervous system, and connect more with our true self.

And the feminine said:



'You can rest now, you can be yourself.

Free, loved and seen,

just be, just be...