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About Selene

Selene is a holistic therapist, doula and yogini,

She has over 10 years of experience in the embodiment practices and healing modalities and thought the years she created her own healing system.


In her therapies & group sessions she combines her knowledge & trainings from Traditional Tantra, Womb Yoga, 

Thai Massage, Chi Nei Tsang,


Bach Remedies, EFT,

Trauma & Female informed yoga therapy,

herbal medicine for female nature & yoni steam healing and Shamanic womb healing.

She is the founder of Selene Shakti, a safe place for women circles, and all women who want to connect with their feminine energy, the archetype of the witch, and their womb space.


Since 2020 She creates annual Womb healing rituals retreats in Greece. 

Her mission is to decolonise the archetype of the witch, to help women heal their deep feelings of shame, guilt and powerlessness, to empower them to connect with their soften but powerful feminine energy, and to understand their circular nature.


She believes that our healing can't be one dimensional, but needs to happen in spiritual, emotional, energetic and physical level at the same time.

Her vision is to help People balance their feminine and masculine qualities inside of them, and to bring a more feminine and Trauma informed approach to healing and self development- more gentle, inclusive and accepting.

Even if she has many teachers, she gained all her insights, healing and understanding by connecting with the moon, the sea, the trees, the animals and the ancient wisdom of mother earth.


Jai Ma!

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