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Lunar Ceremonies

Am initiation to the magic


The full moon and the new moon lasts 3 days.

We are meeting in a circle online 1 day before the full and the new moon, so we will have time to practice our rituals that we learn together the next day, where the energy is full.

In each ceremony we are are connecting to our womb and to our circle, we are remembering that the moon is in our wombs. 

We gather in a woman's circle to let go, to check with our selves, to connect with the moon and other women. To 'charge' from our interaction.

We are creating our own magic spells, we practice together.

We are using the holistic therapies tools like womb yoga, yoni nidra, magic rituals and the most important, the sharing, and being in the sharing with other women.

You are welcome sister. Always. To remember that you are never alone.



We decolonize the witch archetype.

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