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1:1 Holistic Womb Healing Rituals

A holistic integration of healing for all aspects of your feminine self

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 45-70€ what-you-can
  • Location 1

Service Description

Holistic womb healing rituals, is an integrated method which include spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical healing for the feminine bodies. This female and trauma informed therapy is designed for women, to help them connect with, and understand their feminine bodies, circles and energies. During a somatic womb healing ritual session, we will explore ways to balance and heal your womb space, heart and throat ( the triple goddess of feminine energy) in order to feel more connected with your true self, to heal chronic pain, or emotional traumas that are stored in your system. We will use tools like womb yoga therapy, tantra, EFT, breast work, de armouring, chi nei chang, yoni massage, herbal medicine, Witchcraft, depending on the personal needs of your body and spirit. We will also ask from guidance to your path from the Greek goddess and the Mahavidya - the 10 tantric goddesses. This session is for you that suffer from menstrual pain, infertility, menopause imbalances, or any gynaecological problem. But also for you that you want to soothe your grief, heartbreak, or heal from sexual abuse or any trauma that you feel your womb space is holding on. This is a therapy for those who seek to understand their feminine nature and get deep understanding on the mysticism of female sexuality and creativity. Payment options: When you book your session, you will get an confirmation email will all the payment detailts. You can pay fro the range of 45-70Euros, what you can. No questions! *If you struggle financially, let me know and I can still offer a therapy to you. **If you know a woman that needs this therapy and struggles, again, let me know * Please note, that this session is held online. For somatic womb Healing rituals, we need to meet in person, and the price is different. With great respect and love, from my womb to yours, ~ Selene

Contact Details

  • Selene Shakti -Womb Yoga- Κύκλοι γυναικών & Ολιστική Θεραπεία για την Γυναίκα, Leof. Vouliagmenis, Vouliagmeni, Greece


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